Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Forest - 2014

I had just watched the noon news regarding the senseless and cowardly terrorist shootings on Parliament Hill. I decided to paint.
October 22nd was also the day marking the 50th anniversary of the Flag Committee's selection of the single maple leaf as the Canadian flag. The selection still had to be ratified by Parliament and that was no easy task either. My friend John Ross Matheson engineered the entire process much like playing a game of survivor.
I had to stand out of the chilly northeast breeze in order to stay comfortable. This painting location was just a few steps outside the Singleton Studio. Most of the trees had lost their leaves. The red oak were still hanging on. The red cedars in the intervening field were also interesting. The deer browse them up off the ground until it becomes uncomfortable to reach for the cedar twigs. The cedars may not taste very good but it keeps them alive.
I blocked the painting in like puzzle pieces. I then lade the colour in very thick and heavy. It was fun on the small and slippery surface.

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