Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From Willisville Mountain

I drove to the trail head for the hike to the top of Willisville Mountain. The locals call this huge mound of quartzite “Tower Mountain” after the fire watch tower that once stood there.
I started out with two 11x14 canvases. The first painting is very similar to the very first painting #1462 “Turning Colours“ but viewed from a few hundred feet further up the hill. There was already a bit more colour on the trees. Ravens squawked and I flushed a ruffed grouse on the way in. I think the distant water is called “Bay of Islands” but I will need to check this.
After completing this work I hiked to the top of the mountain. It was windy and chilly and it looked like rain was on the way. There was no one else on the mountain. I found the concrete abutments for the fire tower though. It must have been quite the view from the top of the tower. 


Sally Chupick said...

there is something so absorbing in viewing landscapes from a birdseye. love the two ones you've worked on here.

Phil Chadwick said...

Thank you so much Sally... I actually was standing on the edge of a cliff so there was a bird's eye view of the valley. I often paint that way even when I am not elevated :>)) I really enjoy your art!