Thursday, October 9, 2014

White Canoe

I borrowed one of the Charlton Lake Camp canoes - it paddled very well and I spent a lot of time and many kilometres in it. I was struck by the white canoe pulled up on the beach. The canoe didn’t actually hit me but I instantly saw my next painting. I liked the curve of the gunnels and the reflections and colours in the water. Just like snow, a white canoe is not white. Over the next hour or so the paint just flowed and I tried very hard not to get in its way. I was on the verge of wrecking some of the accidental strokes that really sparkled. I stopped and won’t touch the canvas again. It is what it is.
The bright water on the far side of the canoe is due to the sun light reflecting from the hull. If you paint what you observe, it can never be wrong even if you may not know the full explanation.

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