Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1457 Lily Pads and Lilacs

I was accosted by juvenile mallard ducks as soon as I got out of my Subaru-Paint-Mobile to paint from Douglas Fluhrer Park. They had obviously had great success mooching in the past. They were not so lucky today. I didn't have any suitable food even if I had been so inclined.
The rain held off for a while as I laid the sketch in. The tower of St Mark's Church us kept near the intersection of the top-left thirds. The southerly winds where shaping the cumulus clouds that were embedded in the streets. It gradually started to rain harder and harder, I had to grind the paint into the weave of the canvas. I had the colours laid in by noon at which time I was drenched. I called it a day.
The ducks and a few Canada geese were dabbling in the lily pads and duckweed along the shoreline. The distant shore of Barriefield was covered in lilac bushes along with trees and houses. This explains the title which came to me as I scratched my name in the paint. The canvas was wet too.

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