Friday, November 28, 2014

567 The Neighbour's

In the late afternoon, I was set up my easel just to the east of the abandoned farm house across the 12th Concession from the farm. I laid in the drawing quick enough but found myself tangled in the trees. The farmhouse has been abandoned for as long as we could remember. It's too bad as well as it is a beautiful piece of land and would make a great homestead. The house, however, is too far-gone to be recovered.
The story is well known who owned this home prior to the 1970's. They had no kids and sold to a pair of lawyers. The land was sold again and an estate home of probably 60,000 square feet occupies the land. It is quite the estate on a beautiful piece of land.
I was standing right in a deer runway and there were numerous very large deer tracks in the patchy snow. I haven't seen it but it is probably a large buck with hooves like that of a calf.
The canvas had been primed with a dark coat of raw sienna.

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