Sunday, November 30, 2014

569 Farm on the 19th

Mid morning, I revisited the "Farm in the Snow". The sun was shining and the effect was entirely different from the other day with strong shadows across the snow and good visibility. I parked in exactly the same place and let the paint fly. I shrunk the barn a bit to make everything fit on the canvas.
The old car was still in the same place and I enjoyed trying to make it come alive with just a few rather crude strokes. There was a mixed herd of Holsteins and Herefords to the east of the barn and I put many of them in the painting. There was also a manure spreader parked in the field in front of the house so I put that in too. Around noon, it clouded in for good and the lighting changed. I had already laid in all of the values so it was still OK. I took the painting home and signed it on my studio easel.

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