Thursday, November 20, 2014

1489 Wilson Street Dawn

I stood outside the Wilson Street Studio in Markham waiting for the participants to arrive for the “Special Workshop- Master Classes with Phil Chadwick”. It was a beautiful sunrise and I figured that I had time to at least get a sketch laid in and warm up for the busy day ahead. The light was streaming over the buildings of Main Street at 7:30 am. The light and shadows were changing quickly so I had to work fast. I pretty much had it completed by the time participants arrived after 9:30 am. I was actually happier with this sketch about 30 or 40 strokes before the participants arrived. I wish they had arrived a bit sooner and stopped me from overworking this.

The following is what Keith Thirgood wrote in support of this Special Workshop which he organized. “September 28, Phil Chadwick is coming to Toronto to do a master class on his approach to landscape painting. Phil's style is much like a mature Tom Thomson. In this seven hour workshop, Phil will show you how to get the effects he achieves. How to deal with brushes. Why to choose certain colors. How he makes the decisions he makes. As this is a master class, it's assumed you understand about lights and shadows, values, color mixing, finding the big shapes in a scene, etc.. This session is entirely on Phil's technique.”

I actually kept painting until the last people got tired at 6:30 pm. It was a fun day and the weather was great.

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