Saturday, November 29, 2014

568 Bill's Barns

Midday on Saturday, I checked in to see Bill Perry who lives on the north side of 17th Sideroad just to the east of the 12 Concession of King Township. I set up my easel overlooking his barnyard. The yard was a mixture of snow, ice, mud and manure and it was too much to put it but I hoped I caught the effect. His barns are in pretty good shape. Some beef cattle were poking their noses around the corner of the barn but none hung around long enough for me to be satisfied with the way they looked. The barn cats that prowled by were the same way.


Jarno en Danielle said...

Nice work there Phil. You really make some nice paintings. I am glad to know youz and have one of your paitings hanging in my living room. It is a treat to look at. Each day.

Cheers from Foggy Germany!

Phil Chadwick said...

It is cloudy in eastern Ontario as well Jarno :>)) So nice to hear from you! Hope that all is well with you and your family.