Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inn for Repairs

Well the Southampton Art School Classes are over for another year. We had a great time and everyone painted into exhaustion. It was a "happy" exhaustion though.

I did several demos each of the three days and came back home with 14 paintings. Southampton has a lot of potential painting material. I will post these during the next several days. I started to paint around 7 am in the really nice morning light and kept going until after 5 pm... One participant was challenged by boats. They are simply shapes and colours. I did this painting by the book and started with a value sketch - my friend Keith Thirgood would be pleased. The blue boat in the painting was hoisted up on the shore because of an explosion. A worker was cleaning the boat and ignited fumes which resulted in a catastrophic explosion. Life is a fragile thing and must be enjoyed to its fullest, each and every day.

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wendyytb said...

Love this! You make this look so simple, and I know it is far from that! Is the Southampton school geared for beginners?