Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Southampton Art School - Winds, Waves and Weather - Range Light Dawn

I arrived at the Southampton Range Light jetty at 7:15 am. The land breeze was moderate and chilly making me think that the gradient wind between the high over eastern Ontario and the approaching cold frontal trough and low was playing an important role.
The clouds revealed a double deformation zone pattern. The low to the west produced a long arch of cirrostratus low on the western horizon. A deck of stratocumulus clouds in the land breeze also revealed a low level deformation zone. The stratocumulus clouds were flat like Paleo pancakes. A couple of jet contrails were headed eastward and far overhead.
The calm water down the middle of the Saugeen channel was the smooth wake of a fishing boat. I can't really explain just why the water stays so calm for tens of minutes in the wake of a boat. This is another mystery like "the white line" that needs investigation.
There were lots of fishermen on the jetty but no one was catching anything. Apparently one person caught a seven pound pike using leeches at $7 dollars a dozen. That is an expensive pike fillet. I painted looking westward along the jetty toward the range light. Most people let their left brain overpower their sense of sight and they draw a tall lighthouse instead of a squat range light. The two lights are very different.

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