Monday, September 29, 2014

Southampton Art School - Winds, Waves and Weather - Fishing Pier

We crossed the Saugeen Harbour for lunch and I related some of the Tom Thomson story. They had never heard the details of the Thomson mystery so I gave a condensed version my best shot. After lunch we painted looking westward across the mouth of the harbour. The land breeze was still dominate. Apparently the gradient wind was more than enough to overpower the lake breeze. As a result we had some fairly active cumulus cells drift over our location. These cumulus bubbles fizzled over the cooler waters of the lake. They were quite dramatic front lit cloud formations for the brief period when they hung in front of us. That is the way I painted them. I included a chap who was casting across the mouth of the Saugeen. A lady was also sitting on the fat side of the range light, dangling her legs over the edge. The last participant of this version of Wind Waves and Weather left at 4 pm.

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