Monday, September 15, 2014

Southampton Art School - Winds, Waves and Weather - Beach Cumulus

The upper air must have had a short wave trough sweeping through the ridge of high pressure. The convection that had developed on the lake breeze front became very active and raindrops showered down on us, presumably delivered by the return flow above the onshore lake breeze. Two of the lady artists decided to bail at this point. They were painting in acrylic and water based pigments do not play well in the rain - no matter how light the shower might be. A wedding was being assembled on the Southampton beach behind us. The organizers were worried about the rain. As it turned out it remained dry through the entire ceremony to which we had front row seats - almost. They didn't want us to move and we just kept quietly painting.
The clouds really were like "boulders in the sky"...

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