Monday, December 1, 2014

564 Farm in the Snow

This is the farm on the north side of the 19th Sideroad of King Township. It is actually on the Caledon side of the town line on the northeast corner of the King-Caledon Town line and the 19th Sideroad of King.
I had blocked off Monday morning to paint this scene. The forecast was for a mix of sun and cloud and the chance of a flurry. Well, it snowed pretty hard all of the time. Snowflakes mixed in with the paint and covered me with white. The paint froze and that combined with the wind made the plein air painting a bit of a challenge. At the time of the heaviest flurries, it was like painting with oatmeal. I liked the way the paint was going on the canvas though so I persevered. I actually like the way it turned out.
My favourite part of this painting is the few subtle strokes that make up the snow-covered car looking out of the carport. I was done by noon - both me and the painting!

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