Tuesday, January 27, 2015

611 The Fence Line

 Another trip to the old fence line on the north side of Jimmy Coulter's farm. It was an overcast day and initially the sky was darker than the snow. This changed as the afternoon progressed. It was much milder with the temperature around minus 2. Once again, the area was marked by lots of tracks even though there had been a fresh snowfall of 8 centimeters or so in the morning.
The family Chesapeake stayed with me all afternoon and busied herself by chasing the mice through the snow and grasses. She would take large bites of grass and snow and shake the blazes out of it. I don't think she caught anything. 
This is the fourth of the fence line "trilogy". I guess you can call it a "quad". I won't go back again at least until the weather changes.

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Joseph (Joe) Lamos said...

I really like this composition Phil --Joe