Wednesday, January 7, 2015

643 7AM Snowsquall

Breakfast was done. I really liked the colours in the eastern sky and the darkness of the snowsquall that was pounding Highway 400 and the 404. Listening to the radio, the traffic sounded like a war zone.
The family Chesapeake and I headed out to the front yard and I laid in the colours within 30 minutes before anything changed much. The wind was whipping the snow around and the paint was freezing - as was I. The Chessy seemed quite content and romped around with her ball. I fought the urge to touch the painting up any and aside from signing my name, the finished product was done by 8 am.
Note the spelling of the word "snowsquall" is consistent with the convention that I pushed for at Environment Canada for the warning program. You will find it spelled as two words as well but not supposedly in Environment Canada.

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