Thursday, January 15, 2015

655 Winter Stratocumulus

This is the view from the backyard looking west at decaying stratocumulus in the winter sunset. These clouds are the remains of northerly Georgian Bay snowsqualls and they were producing heavy snow and blowing snow earlier in the day. However, now the surface was cooling and the blustery winds aloft were no longer making it to the surface. The snow had ended a few hours before.
I started this from life but the sun dropped below the horizon too quickly and I had to retreat inside to finish it. The clouds were also moving along quite quickly. However, I had taken the precaution of taking a picture before I started to paint so I had the required material to put the finishing strokes on the work. The Chesapeake and I were listening to the country station 95.3 FM and they played Garth Brook's "The Red Strokes" just as I was doing that. I may have gotten carried away with the expensive Gamblin red pigment because of the song - sue me. I scraped of my palette knife on the right side of the stretcher frame.

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