Sunday, January 18, 2015

659 From a Distance

This is looking toward the west-northwest across the front field at the island in Kinnifick Lake. From this distance, there is no hope of discovering it either as an island or as a lake. It was mild at minus 3 Celsius but the wind was westerly at 30 to 70 km/h. A branch fell down and dented the roof of the Toyota Corolla. It was still cold enough to cause the canvas to come loose so that by the end, it was billowing back and forth in the wind.
I decided to paint a close-up of the island from this great distance with the idea that I wouldn't get distracted by the details I couldn't see without a telescope. I really just wanted to capture the colours and the mood of the island. Time will tell if I was successful. The title mirrors the song of the same title. Everything looks great from a distance but close up, one can really see the crude strokes. Up close, the island has just gone up for sale and one can see the lane built illegally across Kinnifick Lake from the east side of the 12th Concession.
I didn't have to try to not to overwork this painting. I would have be a frozen totem if I had tried to do that.

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