Thursday, January 8, 2015

644 Sunup on a Snowsquall

Snowsqualls are in the weather news this week. They can be predicted with great accuracy several days in advance. If you can predict the wind direction through the lower atmosphere plus a few things about air mass temperature and instability. the other variables are all tied to geography which shouldn't change. If the geography is changing then we have bigger problems than snowsqualls...
The comments made with reference to "7am Snowsquall" also apply to this painting. I had just finished applying what paint I could to "7am Snowsquall" when I was attracted to another burst of towering cumulus development just to the north. I ran and got a fresh canvas and shifted the easel slightly to the northeast. The sun was just catching the top of the towering cumulus turning them a brilliant mix of orange and yellow and red. Once again, I laid in the honest colours with the big brushes I was using. I had just finished that when the corner of the snowsquall caught the farm and the visibility dropped to a quarter mile. It was cold and very snowy and the snow flakes mixed in the paint a bit ... I was done. The paint was really starting to get stiff and frozen.
I brought the sketch inside and signed my name.."Bob's Your Uncle!" - Done!

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