Saturday, January 31, 2015

Singleton Phil Furcasts for Monday February 2nd, 2015

Unlike those other better known varmits, Singleton Phil relies on more than his shadow to predict the outcome of February 2nd - science! It is thus highly unlikely that Singleton Phil will see his shadow on Monday morning. There should be snow blowing in a raw northeasterly wind - overcast nimbostratus will block the sun and thus eliminate any chance of shadows. Some furcasters will gleefully refer to a "wintry mix" - not fit weather for any varmit to be outside their hole in the ground. An east to west band of freezing raining rain across Singleton Lake is  also a distinct possibility. Thus (oh Joy!),  there will only be six more weeks of winter.
Of course if Singleton Phil does by some miracle see his shadow and is scared back down into his Singleton Lake burrow, the saying goes that winter will persist for another month and a half. You do the math... but remember that this is a deterministic prediction and thus bound to be flawed - ensembles and probability are betters way to communicate the weather. Singleton Philly will save that information for another day.

By the way, Singleton Philly is not an albino. He turned gray in his thirties from worrying about getting the forecast right...

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