Monday, January 5, 2015

613 White Spruce

There have been a lot of excellent New Year messages about inspiration, finding your unique artistic voice, becoming successful. They have all been quite excellent and written by better writers than me.
I am lucky that art and life are simpler for me. Little things inspire me and now I have the time to practice and explore the colours and the scene behind the "seen" ... and the weather just outside the studio door. I have time to attempt to make the next painting my new favourite and 2015 better than 2014. I wish you the same :>))
What could be simpler than a white spruce casting a not so white shadow on white snow? Snow is white - isn't it? Why is there hot red in cold snow? Why is a white spruce green. These are the kind of questions Forrest Gump and myself might ask. Good luck, laugh and have fun!


wendyytb said...

I love your mantra which seems to be, "keep it simple, sweetheart!"

You have given me much to think about....

Phil Chadwick said...

Yup... I have a strong tendency to over-complicate things. "More is more" but just maybe "less is more". My computer system is over-complicated :>))