Thursday, April 16, 2015

1544 Latimer Bend

This piece of land was originally the Latimer Farm. Henry Latimer was working the land as early as 1822. Henry was a Wexford, Irish immigrant to the Leeds and Lansdowne Rear. These Irish settlers had a good reputation of being quick to develop their property.
I liked the way that the white farm house stood out like a beacon in the cool autumn air. One of the red oaks on the east bank still had a lot of leaves. The largest oak standing on the top of a mound of marble was already bare of foliage. The turbulent stratocumulus was drifting with the northwesterly breeze. It was a beautiful day.
This bend in Lyndhurst Creek is the narrowest crossing but not my much. I tried hard to get Township to move the bridge back to the original location where it went straight across the river. I heard a rumour of an attempt to rename the new bridge... here is my suggestion "De Tour Bridge" - After the French explorer who got irretrievably lost and discovered the longest distance between two points.... just before he perished... I have not heard back yet and do not expect to.

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