Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1561 Jim Day Thaw

A few more early spring plein air works to publish...
There was still some snow and ice that needed painting. The next spring rain storm was on its way so there was no time to waste. This is the view across Jim Day Rapids from our sheltered bay. The easterly, cold conveyor belt was well developed so I needed some sheltered location out of the wind.
The Canada geese honked continually at each other and me. There were numerous turf battles over nesting sites. An otter and muskrat paddled by along with a broad winged hawk.
I was very heavy on the paint as I wanted to loosen up after spending most of the winter inside in front of the wood stove. If I was a smoker like Tom Thomson, I might have been inclined to flick matches at my efforts in front of the evening fire. The paint was on so thick that I am fairly certain that one would have stuck and started a small blaze.

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