Friday, April 10, 2015

1550 Long Reach Ice

This was the first day of the Paint-Out with an artist friend from a previous workshop. Jim Day Rapids offered some Group of Seven subject matter. It was rather chilly at minus 12 Celsius but that was acceptable until the wind picked up. My friend painted looking northwesterly and I looked southward.
I wanted to capture the pattern of the ice on Long Reach. the deformation zones marking the edge of the ice were linked to the swirls in the water underneath. The dark bank of Long Reach was completely in the shade. The shadows of the white pines and red cedars on the shore made the shade even deeper and colder. There would have been quite a vortex of water in this pool when the ice sheets were melting. At one time the ice sheet was a mile deep over Singleton Lake - amazing.
Like many paintings that I do, this one only makes sense if you elevate yourself a bit - pretend that you are a drone and looking down at your subject just a bit. Otherwise the composition would be very flat and uninviting.
There is art ... and science everywhere we look. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it is the life blood of artists and scientists...

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