Wednesday, April 15, 2015

1546 Another DZ

Another day... another deformation zone. The predicted spring storm was slow to arrive so I headed outside to enjoy some superb plein air weather. At the start the winds were calm and the sun on my back felt like a heating pad. The arcs of thin cirrus marking the leading edge of one layer of moisture in the warm conveyor belt were approaching from the southwest toward Long Reach. Not surprisingly the easterly cold conveyor belt started to develop. They don't call it the cold conveyor belt for nothing.
The air was full of the sounds of spring. A flock of nuthatches kept me company along with a pair of hooded mergansers. The ice was cracking as the Catarauqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA0 continued to drain water from the drainage basin. Shelves of ice that were no longer buoyed up by water, crashed down like ice quakes making quite the noise.

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