Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1553 Singleton Storm

There was definitely a storm coming. The clues were clearly written in the clouds. One just had no know how to read them and I hope that this helps. These clouds are all backlit by the setting sun.
All of the cloud clues are linked to the structure of the conveyor belt conceptual model. Each conveyor belt is a current of air moving faster than the surrounding air. This faster relative motion causes vortices both to the left and the right. A vorticity maximum which spins cyclonically or counter-clockwise when looking downward toward the earth's surface is always found to the left. A vorticity minimum which spins anticyclonically or clockwise when looking downward toward the earth's surface is always found to the right. These vortices chape the clouds. The vortices are related to the wind bringing the weather. So there is a direct link between the weather and the shape of the clouds - much more than just the presence of the clouds themselves. I believe that the early settlers knew all about what the shapes of the clouds meant. I can fill in the folklore to describe the meteorological linkages between cause and effect. The meteorology that I describe is much easier to grasp when you place yourself in the frame of reference attached to the atmosphere. The earth is not the centre of the universe.

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