Saturday, April 11, 2015

1547 March Melt

I moved out of the chilly cold conveyor belt wind right into the centre of Jim Day Rapids. The water level was lower than I had ever seen it. Apparently the CRCA did not want a repeat of the 2014 flooding and were taking every precaution to prepare for the worst. The March melt was starting as the temperature climbed above freezing. The temperature might have been going up with the approach of the storm but the wind chill and increasing cloudiness countered any feeling of warmth. The rain started just before 4 pm.
The first pair of wood ducks on the spring cruised in. A pair of Canada geese also landed in and honked constantly at my presence. I liked the way that the sunlight played through the forest. I also thought that it was important to record in oil, the low water levels.

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