Saturday, April 25, 2015

1564 Making Tracks

I wanted to paint all of the snow that I could before it melted away. This is the same morning as the 1840 Homestead panting. I took a bunch of images as I was hunting for the right bit of inspiration. It was a really wet, windy day with wascally thunderstorms - the studio was the only game in town.
The tracks were much too large for the red fox that we were seeing regularly. These tracks had to be from a coyote or coywolf. The coywolf is a cross-bred predator that shares the property with us. There are many predators at Singleton Lake but they were here first and belong on the land more than we do. I give everything a safe habitat - safe from humans that is. They are not necessarily safe from each other. Brere Fox wanted to have a piece of the family cat just previous to painting this work.
I was walking. You will not see any toe or heel kicks in my tracks. The coywolf was walking as well.

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