Monday, May 18, 2015

1009 The New Pad

Afternoon Wednesday August 27th, 2008. Painting Place on the granite point at Singleton Lake N44.52250 W76.10514.
It was another beautiful day at Singleton Lake. I stood on the rocky outcrop and painted the lily pads of Jim Day Rapids. I always liked the different colours and shapes of lily pads. It was very hot and the sun was taking my hide off so I had to take a picture and escape while I still had some skin left … as a result, I have classified this as a studio work.
The name is because this will be our new home, all being well. There were indeed many new pads among the lilies in front of me. The pads were very active with all kinds of frogs and in the quiet, you could hear them chirping and croaking to each other.

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