Wednesday, May 13, 2015

984 How Green is My Valley

This is a spring painting from 10 am Wednesday June 4, 2008. Painting Place N43.95246 W79.74608.
I was trying to get myself inspired. Keeping "Watershed Farms" show ready for real estate was killing my vibe. It was an overcast day so I simply went out and stood beside the crimson king maple on the front yard looking toward the north. The left side of the painting shows nicely mowed lawn courtesy of the Kubota orange Cadillac of machines. The right side doesn't get cut till late August as the birds are nesting. I was serenaded by blue birds, bobolinks, wrens and all kinds of sparrows and other birds. It was a fun morning.
The title is after the rather depressing movie about a coal mining valley in England starring Rodney McDowell or something like that. This valley is in direct contrast with every shade of green possible. The tree on the left is a Douglas fir that is doing rather well now that is was rescued from the neighbour's front garden. The different shades of green displayed by the apple, Chinese pear and plums trees made the painting fun to complete.

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