Tuesday, May 19, 2015

1187 Gone But Not Forgotten

Oils on medium burnt sienna oil tinted foundation on commercial canvas - 20 X 16 (inches) Started 2 pm Friday Jan 27, 2012. Painting Place the Singleton Studio.
This is the view to the south across the mouth of Jones Creek. It was afternoon, early in the spring for a canoe paddle but the sun was warm and the water calm and inviting. This boathouse had long been neglected and there were a lot of construction issues showing up with age. It only stood in a couple of feet of water but that was more than enough to cause rot and ice damage. On the inside the swallows and other birds had pretty much taken over as the canvas “teeth” guarding the boat entry were no longer much a barrier for an agile flier.
Someone bought the home on the shore. Soon after the house had a huge addition and the boathouse was gone - but not forgotten. It was a landmark for years. Today there are only a few rocks showing where it once stood.
Note the difference in the forest horizon between that of the mainland to the right/west and that of Island to the left/east. The island is not large and does not support enough trees to block the sky from peeking through.

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