Friday, May 29, 2015

1208 Islands

Started 10 am April 19th, 2012. Painting Place at Ivy Lea National Park Campsite 110 looking to the southwest from N44.36338 W75.98691.
My view was to the southwest up the St. Lawrence. There are quite a few small islands perched on knobs of Canadian shield. I included three of these islands in this particular painting. I wanted to focus on the colours and the patterns in the upwelling current and waves.
It was actually quite windy and I needed the weight of my art brief case to keep my easel in place. The Gananoque Cruise boats were on "patrol" and their huge wakes compounded by the strong currents brought back canoeing memories from decades ago. Riding the tour boat wakes was always a thrill ride but the reflection off the granite shores of the islands made the result really tricky when the two waves interacted - double the peaks and double the troughs and you didn't want your canoe to be in either.

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