Monday, May 11, 2015

1568 Shoreline Maples

The afternoon still had some great weather and time in it, so I headed down to Jim Day Rapids with a fresh canvas. The pair of Canada geese complained of my intrusion into their "squatter's rights" space. The colours of the three maple trees that fringed the shoreline caught my eye. Two of these trees were surviving while the third had been ringed by beavers a decade or more ago. It was quite dead.
Jim Day Rapids is on an historic waterway that connects the Rideau and the lakes around Delta to the St Lawrence. It was considered for a canal system prior to selecting the Rideau route. It was felt that the Gananonque to Kingston portion of the St Lawrence River was too vulnerable to attack from our neighbours to the south - those were different times.
I would have been standing in the same place as the artist who did the following painting in 1906.

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