Friday, May 15, 2015

983 Laker Headed Downstream

This was painted from the northeast point of Green (A) Island overlooking the portion of the St Lawrence River shipping channel where the lakers “crossover” from the American to the Canadian shore. I put in the navigational beacons as best as I could see them. One CSL Laker had just passed by as I was setting up. I blocked it in but couldn’t get enough information to complete it before it passed. A Canada goose gander was very vocal and keeping a close eye on me. The goose was apparently still sitting on a nest nearby.
The cirrostratus that was approaching during #0982 “Savage Sunrise” was now overhead and the sun cast a nice 44 degree halo. The cumulus was developing nicely over the land masses. The wind was in the process of picking up.
The “Algoisle” cruised by the Brockville just as I was preparing to sign my name on my studio easel. The timing was perfect and allowed me to complete the painting.

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