Thursday, May 14, 2015

985 Dandy Fluff

Another spring a few years ago - Thursday June 5, 2008. Painting Place N43.95226 W79.74563.
I had some time around 7:30 am so I went to the back yard for a change. I was attracted to the dandelions that had gone to seed. I just wanted to have some fun with the colours. The mosquitoes wanted to have some fun as well. Now I know why I tend not to paint outside much in June. It remained overcast with a flat light and actually showered briefly just as I was putting on the finishing touches. I took the painting out the next day to get the fluff just right. The sun had come out and I added some highlights to the fluff. Some might think this flower art is fluff ... they could be right.
The blue birds and bobolinks kept me company. They are comfortable around me. Unfortunately the mosquitoes also were around. My avian air force was not doing its job.
This piece was donated towards the Dinah Christie Celebrity Challenge. Other contributors included Dinah Christie, Robert Bateman, The Good Brothers, Robert Munsch, and Ben Johnson. Gabi bought it.

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