Saturday, May 30, 2015

1582 Sunrise Embers

I did this last week in the studio...
The sky was not really on fire but there were embers of heat in the October sunrise - 6:30 am October 2nd, 2012. The moment was fleeting so I decided to record it for a later experiment with the oils.
This lighting occurs just as the sun clears the horizon and lights the deck of closed cell stratocumulus from underneath. The blue portion of the sun's spectrum is tripped out by Rayleigh scattering. This leaving only the long wave, robust reds to illuminate the bottoms of the large water droplet clouds. These water droplets have been growing all night and scatter the red light in all directions - forward and backward through Mie scattering. I am making all of this up but it really is based on science.
The astute observer might find "s shaped" deformation zones in the bright cloud edges. This are not mere accidents but reflect that weak positive or cyclonic vorticity dominated the atmosphere and that a storm was approaching - heralded by warm air advection.

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