Sunday, December 14, 2014

485 The Grazed-Ungrazed-With Snow

Another memory -
Looking west around 4 p.m. on the afternoon of January 19th. The nimbostratus and light snow associated with an approaching low-pressure area had already arrived making the scene, which I had depicted during the morning look altogether different. The sun was completely blocked by the nimbostratus and I was working against time before the light ran out on me. Once again, I relaxed and let the brushes and paint fly.
The title is from the way snow looks when it falls in fields with grasses of different heights. This is what attracted me to the scene in the first place. The closest hill is grazed short by the horses that like to hang out in the breezes that blow across the exposed hill. Even a small amount of snow covers the closely cropped grasses. The distant hills are grazed but much less so by the Holsteins that come for summer vacation. The taller grasses of various types "absorb" the snow except along the trails and some of the mysterious circular patches where the vegetation is not as tall.
I thought about putting some snowflakes that were really coming down right at dusk but I decided against it, as I was pleased with how the painting caught the mood of the moment. I didn't want to risk losing it.
This is the second painting done from Linda's window seat and it was great. It was rather cold outside so that this was the best vantage point looking west.

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