Friday, December 12, 2014

550 Swamp Tree

This is the characteristic tree on the north fence of the 12th Concession Watershed Farm looking toward the northwest. The tree has a very odd lean to it over the shallow pond.
It was a rare October afternoon. The skies cleared nicely after thick morning fog, drizzle and then some heavy rain. The weather was meant to be enjoyed so the family pets and I headed out. The Japanese beetles were out in force and many flew into the paint. I let them crawl onto the wood tip of my brush and then I winged them off. There are probably very few oil-painted ladybugs out there but I know where there are some. A few of the little devils bit me and there were even a couple who crawled down my back ... and then bit me!
The Chesapeake forgot to bring a ball this time so she broke off a stick and got me to toss that for her. The Maine Coon cat prowled the woods pictured in the painting but after an hour or so of that, she was content to bask in the sun on the hillside behind me and watch me paint.Life is good.

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