Saturday, December 13, 2014

521 Off to See the Blizzard

I cruised the side roads south of Highway 9 looking for something to catch my eye. Nothing really jumped out at me until I was along the service road to King City radar. This view is looking south from the service road about halfway between Jane Street and the Doppler radar. It was bitterly cold with a strong southwest wind. Snow devils were being spun up by the wind whipping around the edge of the distant forest.
I tried painting with my gloves on but I couldn't really feel the brushes. I tried painting with my gloves off but I couldn't feel my fingers. I did most of this painting without gloves. The paint started to freeze and that's when you have to resort to kerosene.
The title is a play on either the "Wizard of Oz" movie where everyone was off to see the wizard or the Jimmy Buffett song "Off to See the Lizard" which is also a play on the name of the movie. Technically, this was not a blizzard but it sure felt like one.

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