Thursday, December 18, 2014

605 Light and Fluffy

A series of Alberta Clippers streaking across Southern Ontario in a strong and cold northwesterly flow (the Arctic Pipeline), were responsible for the snow evident in "Light and Fluffy". The countryside was white and the trees were fully laden with their snow load. The snow to water ratio with these events is fairly high so that one can think that the snow is actually "dry". The snow to water ratio with this event was probably close to 20 to 1 which means you get 20 parts of snow for each part of water. You can blow it off the lane way. Thus this snow is light and fluffy as well as very deep.
As I was painting, the radio traffic reporters made the daily commute sound like a "war zone". Thus the pure, "light and fluffy" snow also has a dark side for travelers. Especially those that don't drive for the conditions, which is practically everyone around Toronto.

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