Friday, December 5, 2014

573 Rolling Hills

Although I typically include paintings on this blog as soon as they come off the easel, I have also been blogging art that has been drying for a decade or two. I think they are fully dry now.

Every painting brings back a memory... Publishing these older works on Fine Art America and this Blog is like visiting old friends. Very few people have actually seen these paintings. The pigments bring back fine memories of time well spent - and even time well wasted! This is why I paint and my only goal is to try to get better. I feel that everyday should be filled with making memories... life is very good!

"Saturday afternoon, February 23rd, 2002.... I returned to the second hill behind (west of) the house on the very crest of the Oak Ridges Moraine  west of Schomberg, Ontario. I had a fine lunch and was rested for another go at the landscape. I was eager to paint without traveling very much further than I had to. My attention was attracted to the series of hills to the northwest. It was getting fairly late in the afternoon and the sky was changing to the green-blue on the horizon. The cedar trees in the foreground were almost orange and had reached their late winter colours, which I like so much. The stand of birch to the right were also quite striking. I laid in the colours and idea of the sketch as fast as I could before things changed too much.
I painted until 4 pm and then had to bail to do my chores."

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