Wednesday, December 3, 2014

571 In the Forest

This is the white pine forest immediately to the south of the barn. It was Sunday morning around 10.30 am. My wife let me go outside to play while she did her part of the house cleaning. I didn't have to go far and it was a good thing. The temperature was minus 7 Celsius and the wind was out of the north at 30 km/h or so. That combination of temperature and wind made it feel more like minus 15. It was cold. The paint froze quickly but I refrained from using the kerosene, as the thick paint effect was pleasant.
There is a line of poplars in this pine forest and that is what is casting the dark shadows that fanned out in front of me. The play of light on the snow and through the trees beyond the top of the hill was what caught my eye. As I painted, the shadows of the trees moved like a sundial so I had to work fairly fast.

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