Monday, December 8, 2014

566 The Farm across the Road

This is another memory from  January 2002 ...
In the early afternoon, I headed across the road to due a sweeping painting of the overgrown lane that led up to the long- abandoned farmhouse. The barn was already down and I bet the house will follow in twenty years. It has already been vandalized and is no longer safe to enter.
It was a beautiful January afternoon but it got cool enough in the lengthening and cold shadows. There were deer tracks all through the field where I was standing.
As it turned out, a very large and beautiful home now stands on this wonderful hunk of land.

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Robert P. Hedden said...

Great Composition! The fence line takes the eye from right to left and then right up the hill to the farm house, then the top of the tree line brings the eye across and back down to the starting point. I don't see any deer droppings.